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Mongolia Tour


Монголия Тур
  • Cost

    97 750 ₱

    80 500 ₱ – independent transfer to the city of Ulgiy and back

    57 500 ₱ – personal transfer as part of a group


    16 days


    On the route — in tents. When moving: in hotels, motels, hostels, guest yurts


    Mongolia, the city of Ulgiy



The section of Mongolia from Ulan Bator to the Western border is the most interesting part of the ancient beautiful country! There are mountains, deserts, forests, lakes, steppes. We will overcome all these zones by car and climb to the rarely visited, remote peak, the highest point of the Gobi Altai-mount Barun-Bogdo-Ula (3957 m)! Since this is an expedition tour, the route schedule can be changed by agreement with the entire group.

In General, this will be our ninth expedition to Mongolia, and, like all previous ones, it will be a reconnaissance for the next most interesting trips!

Mongolia Tour
Mongolia Tour
Mongolia Tour
Mongolia Tour
Mongolia Tour
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур
Монголия Тур


07.06. Departure from Novosibirsk at 3 am. Meeting at the Gorno-Altay airport of the group from Moscow. Gorno-Altaisk-Chui steppe. Overnight in tents at the base.

08.06. Border crossing. Crossing in the city of Ulgii. Registration of papers. Overnight at the hotel.

09.06. The city of Ulgii-lane Bayanhongor of Ulagain of Dawa — the city of Khovd.

10.06. The city of Khovd is the city of Altai.

11.06. Altai city-village Bumbacher.

12.06. Bumbacher village-headwaters of the Tsagan-Gol river.

13-14. 06. Climbing the mountain Barun-Bogdo-Ula.

15.06. Tsagan-Gol river-Hermen-TSAV oasis.

16.06. The po Germen – zewski oasis village Gurvantes Hongoryn-Elskie Sands.

17.06. Sands Hongoryn-ELS-range of the Gurvan-Saihan-city Arvaiheer.

18.06. The city Arvaiheer village Kharkhorin.

19.06. Village Kharkhorin-the city of Tsetserleg — the city of Altai.

20.06. The city of Altai is the city of Khovd.

21.06. Khovd city-Kyzyl-Yurt settlement.

22.06. The village of Kyzyl-Yurt-border crossing-Chuyskiy trakt.

23.06. Check-in at Gorno-Altaisk airport to send participants home from Moscow. Evening arrival in the city of Novosibirsk.

What is included in cost:

  • transfer «Novosibirsk – a city of Ulgiy – Novosibirsk»
  • all transitions on the route
  • meals on the route (except cafes and restaurants)
  • accommodation in Ulgiy during the first and last days of the Mongolian tour use of public equipment
  • accommodation on the active part of the route in tents
  • all permits to visit national parks and museums
  • escort of the Mongolian driver
  • satellite phone rental

What is not included in the cost:

  • insurance
  • accommodation and meals in cities
  • personal equipment
  • individual use of satellite phone (200 rubles per minute)
  • visa (on request, we provide support)
  • translator (on request-we will provide)
  • porter (on request-will provide)

ATTENTION!!! Essential details:

  • Required documents: valid passport, insurance policy. It is desirable to have 2-3 photos 3×4 and a photocopy of the passport. We remind you that Russians do not need a visa to travel to Mongolia!
  • During the hike the instructor reserves the right to make changes to the route
  • Good physical fitness is necessary, mountaineering experience is desirable
  • Age: from 18 years, less than 18 years – with parents
  • We will only be able to book your seat on the trip if you pay 30% in advance. If you cancel your trip more than a month before the start of the tour, the prepayment will be refunded in full. In case of cancellation less than a month before the start of the tour, the prepayment is not refundable.
  • Тhe guide will have a first aid kit with basic medicines. If you have any specific diseases-be sure to take medicines with you! It is recommended to have a small personal pharmacy, which can be: bandages (2 PCs.), a wide patch, analgesics (analgin, nayz, citramon), suction tablets for colds (Strepsils, etc.), vitamins (ascorbic acid)
  • It is often hot in this part of Mongolia during the day, and frosts are possible at night. The weather can be windy.
Stop dreaming, let’s go on a hike!