Photo tour «Trails of nomads»


Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
  • Cost



    13 active days


    Three or four-place tents


    Altai Republic, southern and Severo-Chuyskiy ranges, the gorge of Taldura, Aktru, Maashey



Tourist photography on the route “trails of nomads” is a warm wind of the kurai steppe, untouched landscapes of Tadora, Geilo and Yeshtykel plateau. We will see beautiful photographs of bison, yaks and even camels, a panorama from the top of the “dome of the three lakes” (3556 m), geyser lake, petroglyphs and Martian landscapes of Kyzyl-Chin. And of course, we will get acquainted with, alas, the disappearing ethnic group of the mountain “country”.


Day 1

Meeting in Novosibirsk 19.00., transfer 500 km. to the village of kamlak

Photo tour «Trails of nomads»

Day 2

Kamlak village (bison) transfer to Chagan-Uzun village, 864 km.

Today we will visit the ancient village of kamlak, where many years ago gathered Kama-Altai shamans from all over the Altai and held a mass kamlaniye. Now on this glade is located Gorno-Altai Botanical garden.

And now the question: are there any bison left on the planet?

Just a little bit. The only herd of pure-blooded Belovezhskaya bison in Russia is very close to the village of kamlak in the “Cherginsky bison nursery” or the only bison nursery in Siberia and the far East, where the natural environment contains more than three dozen bison-animals, which at the beginning of the 20th century on the planet there were less than fifty.

Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»

Day 3

Kyzyn-Chin valley (“Martian landscapes”), petroglyphs. The distance is 6 km.

The day will continue with an incredibly beautiful road along the Northern Chui ridge with a stop for a photo shoot. Further on the 864th km of the Chui tract we turn into the Chagan-Uzun valley, or rather the place known as Kyzyl-Chin (gorge) – “Mars on earth”: red-orange striped hills covered with cacti will conquer you. Today we will also see petroglyphs. In the evening we will hope for a picturesque sunset, and we will spend the night in the gorge on the river Bank.

What explains the color of “Martian landscapes”? Iron oxide. It is mainly maghemite and hematite. Manganese and chromium give shades of red or pink. Titanium impurities also contribute, as the mineral rutile is found in Kyzyl-chin.

Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»


The photographer in the photo tour will not be bored, but you can sleep a little. Mars at dawn! Keep the lens ready.

The second half of the day is devoted to the casting in the village of Beltir in the valley of the Taldura river on all-terrain vehicles to the Dgelo river..

The village of Beltir and its surroundings were in the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred on September 27, 2003 with an intensity of 9 points. Let’s take a picture of the effects of modern earthquakes. We will also see a giant landslide seven kilometers above Beltir, on the right Bank of the Taldura river. The body of the landslide is composed of frozen blocks of ancient glacial deposits, and the age of ice in them, believe it or not –more than 15 thousand years.

On the way, if we are very lucky, we will see a caravan of camels. Yes, Yes, it’s true. Plausible, double-humped camels and very harsh. Yes, they are happy here, because in summer the southern climate is dry, although the winters in these parts are harsh. It’s amazing because it’s like transferring an animal from the Egyptian desert to the permafrost. The camel became a symbol of Kosh-Agach district, which is reflected in its coat of arms. Images of camels are also found among the rock paintings of two thousand years ago. After 90 – ‘ s their barely not exterminated. Thanks to their enthusiasts remained about 400 goals.

Do you think you ran up to the camel, took a picture and traced its route? That’s not so. They have very fast feet. And we have to check our own!

And, by the way, a useful point-camel wool helps to dry shoes. “No, we didn’t catch them all over the valley. Their wool is right in front of us – you can collect from the local vegetation.

Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»

Day 5

Valley Talduri-Taldurinsky glacier-the largest in the Altai. The peak of the ICT, the highest point in the South of the Chuya steppe. 20 km by road

Photo tour «Trails of nomads»

Day 6

The valley of the Dgelo river. 11 km. (the beginning of the pedestrian part)

Today is a busy day, because we see real nomads-mountaineers, get acquainted with the peculiarities of their life, decoration of yurts and ailas, economy. And they do not even realize how interesting they are to us-lovers of mountains and photography. What do we know about nomadic life?

From the cold they will save the hearth in the Yurt-the center of the house. He is supported by women. On their fragile shoulders and cooking, and washing, and comfort in the house. We saw women washing clothes in the street or cooking in steaming vats. Here, as nowhere else, appreciate family and kinship, for without family to cope with the forces of the mountains is extremely difficult. Their life is not easy-cold, dirt, poverty, but on their faces often there are smiles.

Smoke from the Yurt on the background of “Smoking” mountains evokes memories of the slowness of life in these places.

Smoke -.. smoke, this joy, smoke, these trees, smoke, this grass, smoke, this whisper, smoke, this forest, smoke, these mountains, smoke, this vision, smoke, this silence, smoke, this road, writing like a living snake, smoke, this dream, smoke, this house, smoke, this wizard’s dance, smoke is the embrace of Medusa… According to the photographer, if there is no limit to your fantasies, then working with smoke is for you.

How to photograph smoke. Mehmet Ozgur-man of smoke http://journal.foto.ua/likbez/praktics/kak-fotografirovat-dym.html

Today we will see peacefully grazing yaks, or, as they are called, sarlyks. They feel best in the mountains. The whole body of the Yak is covered with abundant hair with thick down, which helps him to endure any frosts. The Yak is able to carry heavy packs on the most impassable mountain trails or even completely without roads, in the snow. But we will not torture the animal and load it with our backpacks. Everyone carries it with them! After all, our goal is only photography.

Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»

Day 7

The Top Is The Dome Of Three Lakes. Majestic view of the Northern Chui ridge. Descent to the observation deck ” Green hotel “(Alpine meadows) under the top. Visit one of the three mountain huts “waterfall”, which were installed by glaciologists.. Stunning views and panoramas of mountain peaks. 5 km.

Day 8

Descent to the valley of the river Aktru (rest, bath)

Photo tour «Trails of nomads»

Day 9

Aktru river Valley-plateau-Oz.Yoshtikol – transplanted on the 12-kilometer off-road vehicles.

Day 10

oz. Janisol-Oz. Caracole. Plateau in placers of marshy swamps and lakes, which on clear days reflect the snow-covered four-thousandth part of the North Chui ridge-Kurkurek (3930 m) and Aktru (4044 m) mode of transport: all-terrain vehicle. 10 km

Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Photo tour «Trails of nomads»

Day 11

Karakol Valley-The Maashay . Today we are waiting for the mouth of the Karakabak river, a powerful hike length of 18 km and coniferous forest.

В краю озер
В краю озер

Day 12

Exit to the upper reaches of the Karakabak river, where there are five amazing mountain lakes. The lakes have water of milky turquoise color and are surrounded by mountain peaks all this splendor appears as a miracle of nature. 12 km.

В краю озер
В краю озер

Day 13

Karakabak in the photo is good in the morning. We descend into the Maashey valley for 12 km.

Day 14

Descent along the Maashey valley to the bridge over the Chuya river, and from there 2 hours to the Chuya tract. Today we will have the opportunity to see a fragment of the may shiver and Golden glades, lost between the rocks of the most powerful river of these places-Chui. 15 km And then The Kurai steppe meets us with warm breath.

The final point of our trip will be the purest emerald-turquoise hot spring near the lake, the water in it is in a liquid state all year round, even at a temperature below 0 C. a characteristic feature is a beautiful turquoise hue, thanks to the bluish clay at the bottom. Depth-about 2 meters, and width-25-30 meters. Sometimes eruptions occur from the depths of the geyser, which bring blue clay and sand to the surface of the bottom, resulting in rounded spots.

In the evening we will have a bath, dinner and night Chui tract. How many stories and events this road has seen, where every kilometer of the way opens new horizons, new thoughts, and therefore ourselves.

Photo tour «Trails of nomads»
Две долины (Маашей-Актру)

Day 15

Arrival in Novosibirsk until 12.00.

What is included in cost:

  • transfer from Novosibirsk and back, transfer on the way
  • full 3 meals a day
  • tent, first aid kit, public equipment
  • the services of a guide (s)
  • master classes on photography from a professional photographer
  • bath (2)

What is not included in the cost:

  • the tickets for the train/plane
  • single tent, sleeping bag, backpack, Mat (rent on request)
  • visiting cafes / canteens / restaurants
  • accommodation in hostels / hotels before or after the route
  • accident insurance before and during the active part of the route (can be ordered from us)
  • visa (if requested-support)
  • translator (provided by a request)
  • porter (provided by a request)

ATTENTION!!! Essential details:

Approximately 1/3 (by volume) of your backpack will be filled with public equipment and products that are issued to EACH participant.

The key part of the trip-climbing the dome of the Three Lakes 3556 m – – will be carried out depending on the individual physical data of the group members (1 or 2 days).

During the hike, the instructor reserves the right to make changes to the route depending on weather conditions, the condition of roads and crossings, the physical and moral condition of the group members and other force majeure circumstances.

Stop dreaming, let’s go on a hike!