Ukok. The territory of peace


  • Cost

    51750 ₽


    9 active days


    three-four-person tents on the route


    The Mongolian Altai, Ukok plateau, the territory of peace


    + on-request

    Booking a tour not later than one month before the event, for foreign citizens-2 months in advance!

Ukok is silence, colors of sunrises and sunsets, history and, of course, incredible landscapes

Укок. Территория покоя
Укок. Территория покоя
Укок. Территория покоя
Укок. Территория покоя
Укок. Территория покоя
Укок. Территория покоя
Укок. Территория покоя
Укок. Территория покоя
Укок. Территория покоя
Укок. Территория покоя
Укок. Территория покоя
Укок. Территория покоя


Day 1-2

Novosibirsk-Kosh-Agach 892 km.

Day 3

Kosh-Agach (tent camping Tiltware) – Ukok stele.

After passing Kosh-Agach, we leave on a dirt road, on which lies our way to Ukok. After 30 km border post Soloneshenskaya, where we mark the pass and continue to move. After another 40 km turn to Ukok plateau. Then lies the most difficult and beautiful stretch of road.

We stop at radon springs, a resort of local importance Warm Key. Especially those who wish can swim.Then we pass the pass of the same name (2906 m) and continue to the heart of the Ukok plateau. We go down to bertek’s pool. Here, at the foot of the Sailugem ridge, we will visit one of the famous ancient monuments of Ukok-deer stones (steles). Here we break camp and meet with a group of horse support.

Distance: 200 km by car UAZ

Day 4

Stela Ukok-arrow Argamdzhi (UAZ), transition with backpacks in base camp (7 km). According to weather conditions – there is a chance to walk 17 km. it will take about six hours.

Distance: 7/17 km on foot

Day 5

Acclimatization-radial exit to the glacier

Day 6

Attempt to climb Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola, * 4082 m

Today we have to climb the Tabyn-Bogdo-Olu, at the top of which the borders of Russia, China and Mongolia converge. We leave early to catch the morning Nast after the night frosts. We overcome the moraine, at the beginning of the glacier put on climbing crampons, connect and start climbing. The route to Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola is snow-and-ice and is capable of any person who is in good physical shape. It completely passes through snow fields, where it is important not to cut the loaded slope, so you must clearly follow all the instructions of the guide. The ascent is carried out through the saddle separating the two peaks-Russian tent and Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola. The ascent from the saddle is about 150 m. At the top, in good weather, we admire the views of the Alpine peaks of China and Mongolia, views of Nairamdal (4374 m), Ukok plateau and South Chui ridge. If time permits-we will rise to the top of the “Russian tent”.

* The possibility of climbing is not guaranteed and will depend on weather and other factors (preparation of participants, their physical shape and health, snow and ice conditions, etc.). The decision to ascend or refuse to ascend is made on the spot by the guide-instructor, taking into account objective factors.

Distance: 10 km on foot, 8 km in cats

Day 7

Spare day in case of bad weather

This day we can use as follows:

  • as a spare day in case of bad weather on the day of the ascent;
  • plein air in the camp (etude, watercolor, acrylic, pastel)
  • explore the ancient monuments of Ukok, not included in the program-mounds, balbals, etc.;
  • arrange a day on the banks of one of the rivers or lakes and devote it to rest and catching grayling.

Day 8

Base camp Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola-descent by car 17 km., and then move to the lake. Goose.

Day 9

Auto excursion oz. Goose – Kurgan of the Princess of Ukok – R. Caldgin. Excursion to the waterfall Caldgin

Day 10

R. Kaldgin-R. Kalguty.

Day 11

Kalguty river-Warm Key pass-Kosh-Agach

Day 12-13

Kosh-Agach-Novosibirsk (arrival around 12.00.)

What is included in cost:

  • transfer Novosibirsk-Kosh-Agach-Novosibirsk, transfers according to the program
  • registration of a pass to the border zone, migration registration
  • accommodation in Tydtuyaryk (2 nights)
  • guide-instructor services
  • three meals a day during the active part of the tour
  • dinner and breakfast at camping Tydtuyaryk
  • bathhouse in Tydtuyaryk (2 visits)
  • use of public equipment, provision of first aid kit, walkie-talkies, satellite phone
  • use of public equipment, provision of first aid kit
  • walkie-talkies, satellite phone

What is not included in the cost:

  • transfer-flight
  • meals on the way to Kosh-Agach 
  • sleeping bag for low temperatures (comfortable temperature -10 -15; extreme -30); backpack and Mat (rent on request)
  • single accommodation in a tent (optional): 2000 RUB.
  • satellite communication services (personal calls): 100 rubles per 1 minute
  • crampons, harness, figure of eight, the ascender, 3 carabiner, ice axe and helmet (rental on request)
  • horse riding, antler baths
  • accident insurance before and during the active part of the route (can be ordered from us)
  • visa (on request-support)
  • translator (if required-we can provide)
  • participants of the plein air: payment for the work of the plein air teacher (throughout the route) – on request. The price of the plein air includes art materials-acrylic paints, plywood canvas, pastel and Russian pastel paper. If you paint with oil, tempera, charcoal… – materials you prepare / buy yourself!
Stop dreaming, let’s go on a hike!