Plein Air Tours

Altai is an amazing place!!! You can’t say that. You have to fully immerse yourself in it.This is not just a place on the map-it is a starting point for traveling to other worlds, worlds where the soul sings.

In this exotic journey, experienced artists will be able to hone their skills, and beginners will be able to learn all the tricks of drawing in the mountains from our teacher.

You will have a rare opportunity to capture the beauty of a mountain gorge (kyzy-chin, Aktra, multy, maashey or Akkem), a high-altitude plateau in the zone of Alpine meadows, waterfalls, glaciers and of course mountain peaks reflected in the crystal-clear lakes of Altai.

Clean air, pristine nature, positive energy, as well as a wide range of contrasts, which contributes to inspiration and activation of creative processes.

The program we offer takes into account such important parameters of the plein air as the time of day and the direction of lighting. Each creative day ends with a General review and analysis of the work done and smoothly flows into a cozy Discussion and exchange of experience around the fire.

The tour is also for those who like to spend the night in the fresh air and enjoy a Cup of freshly brewed coffee or herbal tea made from berries and flowers of the Altai.

We will meet you, make you comfortable, place you and talk to you.

For those who like to plan every hour of their life and spend it usefully-it will not be boring…




Plein air in Multa