Baby Tours

Family tourism is notable in that it primarily takes into account the interests of children. Our routes are not designed for categories or sports results. These are trips that bring up character, unite the family and open the world to the child in a completely different, unusual plane.

Having seen half the world with your own eyes, walked several kilometers with your feet through the highest and most beautiful mountain valleys of the planet, lived in the culture and traditions of amazing peoples, your children will know the school subject “geography” better than you and their teacher. Perhaps it is your child who will teach you or your siblings how to knit sea knots, search for dry wood or collect the right mushrooms, pack a backpack or light a fire in difficult conditions (without “eternal matches”).

Are you a Slingomama who thinks about the child’s health? Are you a grandmother and would like to introduce your granddaughter to the beauty of nature and living conditions in a campsite? Are you a father who wants to show your son how to “toughen up in difficulties”? Ideal. So our routes are for you and your child!

Here are our family and tourist trips и

Уикенд в Актру

When forming a team for this program, preference is given to married couples with young traveler:

  • You will go in a small group for a favorable psychological climate (5-8 people)
  • There are days and half days (rest days)
  • A heavy backpack will not spoil the trip: we can order you a horse or GAZ-66 (depending on the route)
  • Children (depending on their age) will be taught to collect firewood, build a fire and learn orientation skills.…
  • Games, gatherings and legends around the campfire at the end of a hard day’s work will not let you get bored.

For an additional fee, you can order:

  • Holiday or quest
  • Intensive training for teenagers
  • Photo session or photo-video report about your trip
  • Sports master class in martial arts for your child
  • Air tour, plein air

Our walking family tours (without a backpack):

Our family tours (with delivery of items on horseback / all-terrain vehicles):



Уикенд в Актру

Wild trails of the Multa river