Climbing Equipment

Climbing equipment


Travel backpack (90-120 l.)
Road Mat (we recommend mats made of cross-linked polyethylene or EVA)
Sleeping bag (t comfort limit-10-15 degrees!!!)
Sunglasses (at least 4 degrees of protection)
Sunscreen (50-70 protection)
Light thermos or water container (plastic bottle / hydraulic system/ flask)
a flashlight and a set of spare batteries for it
Tableware (mug, spoon, bowl, knife)
Mobile phone with charging


Compression bags
Plastic bags for shoes and socks
Sidushka (hoba)
Cape on the backpack from the rain
Power Bank (battery charger)
Camera or video camera
Moisture-resistant impregnation for clothing and shoes

Cosmetic bag

Wet wipes
Hygienic lipstick
Toothbrush and paste (small or one for two or three people to save weight)
Chewing gum (it is not always possible to brush your teeth, especially in a snow-ice zone, and it will be useful in this case)
Small mirror
Small packets of shampoo
A small piece of soap
Toilet paper in a plastic bag

Personal first aid kit

Individual medications
Analgin / nize, activated carbon
Coldrex/ “TeraFlu”.
Caffeine in tablets
Roll and bactericidal patch
Bandages (standard and elastic)
Wide band-aid, bactericidal
Cream for softening the skin of hands and feet



Hiking / mountain boots
Light running shoes (as a spare Shoe, but not mandatory)
Slates or shoes for the camp
Shoe covers or gaiters
Wool socks for sleeping and cold evenings -1 pair
Thin socks (cotton or synthetic) 2 pairs
Socks of average thickness -2 pairs
Tight plastic bags (inside shoes in case of very wet weather)
Nylon socks (optional to prevent wear of socks)


Set of urban clothing (will remain in storage in the city/in the car in the Parking lot)
T-shirts -2
Thermal underwear warm or fleece suit (jacket+pants): in the evening in the Parking lot + some people in this sweeter sleep
Underwear in reasonable quantities
Trekking trousers (made of quick-drying material, light)
Waterproof or windproof jacket (for example, gortex)
Winter down jacket or ski or snowboard warm jacket on -15
Raincoat. But you don’t need to take it if you have membrane Hiking clothing
Shorts (for camp or hot day, city)


Balaclava or a thin hat (for example, made of fleece)
Sun hat (buff, cap, Panama)


Warm gloves!

Special equipment

Trekking poles (telescopic)
Ice axe

Security system+2 whiskers
4 carbines
descent device


Sealed document bag (you can just use a plastic bag)
Russian or foreign passport for foreigners
MMI insurance policy
Money for additional expenses
Personal insurance

Don’t take it with you:

Heavy books, electrical appliances, boilers, axes, food, glass bottles. Public equipment will be evenly distributed depending on the gender and strength of the participants. Therefore, if you do not want to carry an unaffordable backpack, do not take unnecessary things with you.

This list does not pretend to be completely universal, it can be adjusted depending on the time of year, weather conditions in the region, the nuances of the route, personal characteristics of the body (for example, very cold).