Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)


Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)
  • Cost

    46000 ₽


    11 days


    Three or four-place tents


    Kosh-Agach district, Republic of Gorny Altai



Attention! A pass for foreign citizens is issued no later than 60 days before route start!

Peak ICTU is one of the most beautiful peaks of the Altai. This two-horned rock-ice top is crowned by a huge glacier of Altai-Taldurinsky. Altaians explain its name as follows: “Yik-tak shaman shouts, and the word Tuu-means mountain.”

We will visit desert valleys, interesting passes! Yuzhno-Chui ridge is a kind of amazing Altai!

As part of the route, you can pass this event as a pawn, that is, not to climb, but to pass the majestic taiga of the South Chui ridge and contemplate the stunning views of lakes, mountains, forests, Alpine steppes!

The specifics of the program: the ascent of Iiktu is based on the classical principle of tours-ascents: approach to the top followed by acclimatization ascent or acclimatization ring passage of the pass. After this preliminary preparation there is a direct ascent to the top.

With all this, the undoubted specifics of the program are the beautiful views of the Ukok plateau and the dense larch taiga when approaching the base camp. Join us!

Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)
Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)
Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)
Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)
Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)
Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)
Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)
Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)
Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)
Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)
Climbing Iictu Peak (3936 m)


11.07./12.07. Departure from Novosibirsk. Novosibirsk — p. Dzhazator.

13.07. The g ICTU. P jazator-R. Tune. 10 km.

14.07. The g ICTU. R. Tuni glacier of Tune. 10 km.

15.07. Acclimatization climb of 5 km.

16.07. Climbing p. ICTU. 5 km.

17.07. Spare day

18.07. The descent into p. Dzhazator. 10 km.

19.07. The descent into p. Dzhazator. 10 km.

20.07. Departure from p jazator

21.07. Transfer to Novosibirsk

What is included in cost:

  • transfer from Novosibirsk and back, drop by all-terrain vehicle
  • migration registration of foreign citizens
  • full 3 meals a day (when climbing-snack)
  • public equipment, first aid kit
  • guide service
  • insurance (2000 RUB.)
  • satellite phone

What is not included in the cost:

  • transfer-flight
  • single tent, sleeping bag, backpack, Mat (rent on request)
  • crampons, harness, figure of eight, the ascender, 3 carabiner, ice axe and helmet (rental on request)
  • visiting cafes / canteens / restaurants
  • accommodation in hostels / hotels before or after the route
  • visa (on request-support)
  • translator (if required-we can provide)
  • porter (if desired-we can provide)
  • bath-house

ATTENTION!!! Essential details:

  • During the hike the instructor reserves the right to make changes to the route 
  • This ascent requires good physical form (backpack 20-25 kg.), requires a minimum experience of acclimatization 3000 m. for trekking-such experience is not requiredAge: from 18 years, less than 18 years – with parents
  • The organization of the tour provides participants with the opportunity to eliminate the duty of the camp kitchen, and at the same time, any possible help will be welcomed
  • Mountaineering skills will teach
  • To participate in the ascent, you must have a set of climbing equipment (cats, harness, eight, zhumar, 3 carbines, ice ax and helmet). You can rent from us (2800 RUB. full set)
  • We will be able to book your place in the trip only with 30% prepayment. In case of cancellation more than a month before the start of the tour, the prepayment will be refunded in full. In case of cancellation less than a month before the start of the tour, the prepayment is not refundable.
  • The guide will have a first aid kit with basic medicines. If you have any specific diseases-be sure to take medicines with you! It is recommended to have a small personal pharmacy, which can be: bandages (2 PCs.), a wide patch, analgesics (analgin, nayz, citramon), cold tablets (Strepsils, etc.), vitamins (ascorbic acid).
  • The weather in Altai is not predictable enough. There will be sun. It may rain below, it may snow above. In the snow-ice zone, the temperature can drop to -10°C.
Stop dreaming, let’s go on a hike!