Plein air in the edge of the lakes. Maashey!

lake Karakabak and Alenkini – lake Gangiscale and Caracal

Plein air in the edge of the lakes. Maashey!
  • Cost

    26500 ₽


    10 days


    Three or four-place tents


    Maashey gorge, Republic of Gorny Altai



    + on-request

The North-Chui ridge is one of the most massive ridges of Altai, the highest peak is Maashey – Bash peak (4177 m). This mountainous region is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the Altai Mountains. On this route you will see turquoise mountain lakes, waterfalls, moraines, clean mountain rivers, glaciers and snow-white peaks.


Day 1

Morning transfer (08.00.) from Novosibirsk by organized minibus / comfortable bus to 801 km. Chuysky tract. Overnight at the camp site

Day 2

The beginning of the pedestrian part of the route through flower meadows and rocks. The smooth ascent begins from the old Chui dam, then along the Maashey (Mazhoy) river, crossing the cedar taiga to the mouth of the Karakabak river. When meeting with local shepherds, we can buy cow’s milk, bear meat or sheep. 15 km.

Day 3

Exit to the upper reaches of the Karakabak river, where there are five amazing mountain lakes. The lakes have a milky turquoise water color and surrounded by mountain peaks all this splendor appears as a miracle of nature. Prepare a sketchbook or canvas with paints. 16 km.

Day 4

morning plein air. Dinner. Return to 16 km.

Day 5

Hike to the Maashey glacier-one of the largest glaciers in Altai. Ahead, the main peaks of the North Chui ridge open: Maashey-Bash (4175 m) and Karagem-Bash (3950 m). Maashey glacier lies in the Great circus on the Northern slope of the North Chui range. This is a deep gorge of the Maashey river, where the disappeared lake Maashey was located. The slopes of Maashey-Bash and Karagem mountains feed the glacier with snow. The length of the glacier is 6.5-7 km, the area is 12.8 sq. m. it Is one of the largest and undoubtedly the most beautiful glaciers in Altai. The tongue drops to 2200 m at 12 km.

Day 6

Radial exit to the “Alenkin lakes”. After a steep and long climb to the moraine, you will see an amazing view of a small mountain lake, a number of small waterfalls, streams, flowers and snow-capped peaks-this is another great opportunity to enjoy the splendor of the Altai highlands. We will have a little time for creativity!

Day 7

Return to the valley of the river Chuya

Day 8

Here is the best place for photography and plein air! The lakes reflect the main peaks above 4000 m.


A trip to The Martian landscapes, geyser lake. There will be plein air time. The riot of colors will allow you to draw today in different techniques. Watercolor, oil, pastel – for every taste!

DAY 10

Departure to Novosibirsk. Arrival at 24.00.

Пленэр в краю озер. Маашей!
Plein air in the edge of the lakes. Maashey!
Plein air in the edge of the lakes. Maashey!
Plein air in the edge of the lakes. Maashey!

What is included in cost:

  • transfer from Novosibirsk-Altai-Novosibirsk
  • accommodation at the hotel 1/2 day
  • full 3 meals a day
  • public equipment, tent accommodation, first aid kit
  • guide service
  • bath-house (on the last day of a route)
  • migration registration of foreign citizens

What is not included in the cost:

  • the tickets for the train/plane
  • horse delivery of provisions and public equipment (depending on the size of the group)
  • single tent, sleeping bag, backpack, Mat (rent on request)
  • visiting cafes / canteens / restaurants
  • accommodation in hostels / hotels before or after the route
  • accident insurance before and during the active part of the route (can be ordered from us)
  • visa (on request-support)
  • translator (if required-we can provide)
  • porter (if desired-we can provide)
  • participants plein air: payment plein air teacher + 5000 rubles. The price of the plein air includes art materials-acrylic paints, brushes, plywood canvas, pastel and Russian pastel paper. If you paint with oil, tempera, charcoal…- materials you prepare / buy yourself!

Important detail:

During the hike the instructor reserves the right to make changes to the route

We will be able to book you a place in travel only at an advance payment of 30%. In case of cancellation of the trip more than a month before the start of the tour, the prepayment is fully refundable. In case of cancellation less than a month before the start of the tour, the prepayment is not refundable.

If you plan the route in your time: the cost is relevant when recruiting a group of 5 participants

Stop dreaming, let’s go on a hike!