Plein air on Maashee!

Green Maashey Gorge, picturesque Karakabak lakes, Geyser Lake, open-air, family holidays. Maashey is the best way to understand mountains.

  • Cost

    19 000 ₽
    Children under 2 years old – minus 10%

    On your own car: minus transportation costs

  • Accommodation

    The camp site is the 800th km of the highway (the first night)
    Three- and four-person tents on the route

  • Tour area

    North-Chuisky ridge of Altai (Maashey gorge, Karakabak)

  • Tour dates












    +on request


Altai is an amazing place!!! You can’t tell me about him. It is necessary to immerse yourself in this.This is not just a place on the map — it is a starting point for a journey to other worlds, worlds where the Soul sings.

In this exotic journey, experienced artists will be able to hone their skills, and beginners will be able to learn all the tricks of drawing in mountainous conditions together with our teacher.

You will have a rare opportunity to capture the beauty of the mountain gorges of Maashey and Karakabak, a high-altitude plateau in the zone of alpine meadows, waterfalls, glaciers and, of course, rocky mountain peaks reflected in the crystal clear lakes of Altai.

Clean air, pristine nature, positive energy, as well as a wide range of contrasts, which contributes to inspiration and activation of creative processes.

Our proposed program takes into account such important parameters of the plein air as the time of day and the direction of lighting. Each creative day ends with a general overview and analysis of the work performed and smoothly flows into a cozy discussion and exchange of experience around the campfire. Plein air in the Altai mountains will be interesting for creative natures, beginners and experienced artists, students of art universities and students of art schools.

For lovers – overnight stays in the fresh air and leisurely enjoyment of a cup of freshly brewed coffee or freshly brewed herbal tea made from berries and flowers of Altai.

We will meet you, take you comfortably, place you, talk to you.

Those who like to plan every hour of their life and spend it usefully will not be bored…

Maashey is for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of cities, stay in complete silence, contemplating the beauty of Mount Karagem and Karakabak lakes.

The route is ideal for tourists in any physical form, family outdoor activities, slingoms and dads, the elderly!

Main impressions:

-the Maashey Gorge, surrounded by greenery

-karakabak lakes are the most beautiful in these places

-contrasting geyser lake

-we will see the most beautiful glacier Maashey and the mighty mount Karagem

Day 1. Exit. Chuisky tract

Morning transfer at 8.00. (the time can be adjusted depending on the time of your arrival) Novosibirsk – camp site 800 km. We pick up from the airport of Gorno-Altaysk, Biysk, highways (for those who arrived in Barnaul)

Day 2. Trekking to Karakabak Gorge

t/b Meny-Maashey Gorge-strelka Karakabak/Mazhoy. Parking lot. On the way 15 km.

Day 3. Karakabak Lakes

Radial tracking to the Karakabak lakes. On the way 12 km.

Day 4. Radial trekking to the observation deck

Trekking to the observation deck (former Maashey Lake) with a view of the picturesque tongue of the Maashey glacier and the mighty Karagem mountain. Return to the parking lots on the Karakabak arrow/Mazhoy

Day 5. Return. Chuisky tract

trekking -return on the way up 15 km.

Day 6. The road to Novosibirsk

Departure to Novosibirsk. Arrival around 22-24.00.

Восхождение на пики Маашей и Карагем
Восхождение на пики Маашей и Карагем
Восхождение на пики Маашей и Карагем
Восхождение на пики Маашей и Карагем
Восхождение на пики Маашей и Карагем
Восхождение на пики Маашей и Карагем
Восхождение на пики Маашей и Карагем
Восхождение на пики Маашей и Карагем
Пленэр в Актру
Plein air on Maashee!
Plein air on Maashee!
Жить километрами!
Plein air on Maashee!
Plein air on Maashee!
Plein air on Maashee!
Plein air on Maashee!
Plein air on Maashee!
Plein air on Maashee!
Plein air on Maashee!
Две долины (Маашей-Актру)

What's included

  • transfer from Novosibirsk and back
  • overnight at the tourist base on the first night of the route
  • horse-drawn delivery of food and public items
  • full 3 meals a day (during radial exits — lunch in the form of a snack).
  • accommodation in tents
  • public first aid kit, public equipment
  • guide services
  • bathhouse
  • acrylic paints and brushes, pastels and Russian pastel paper

What's not included

  • transfer flights
  • parking for t/b 100 rubles. day
  • horse-drawn drop-off of personal belongings (clothes, sleeping bag, tent, mat) – is calculated individually upon request
  • single tent, sleeping bag, backpack, mat (for rent – on request)
  • visiting cafes/canteens/restaurants
  • accommodation in hostels/hotels before and after the route
  • insurance against tick-borne encephalitis (optional, no ticks have been found in this area), accident insurance before and during the active part of the route (can be ordered from us)
  • translator (negotiated individually)
  • Artist’s package (purchased if desired) – 1000 and 2000 rubles. (must be ordered in advance)
  • services of an open-air teacher (upon request)

Possible questions

Cancellation conditions

During the hike the instructor reserves the right to make changes to the route

We will be able to book you a place in travel only at an advance payment of 30%. In case of cancellation of the trip more than a month before the start of the tour, the prepayment is fully refundable. In case of cancellation less than a month before the start of the tour, the prepayment is not refundable.

Stop dreaming, let’s go on a hike!