Plein air under the mountain «Belukha»


Plein air under the mountain «Belukha»
  • Cost



    11 active days


    Three or four-place tents


    Tungur village, Republic of Gorny Altai





    + on-request

Attention! A pass for foreign citizens is issued no later than 60 days before route start!

Blue Jarlu mountains, «stone town» and Edelweiss valley, seven colored lakes, snow and ice in the middle of summer, a bit of overcoming the Karatyurek pass and the main gift – the Mount Belukha, a kind hostess.

Две долины (Маашей-Актру)
Восхождение на Белуху
Plein air under the mountain «Belukha»
Plein air under the mountain «Belukha»
Plein air under the mountain «Belukha»
Восхождение на Белуху
Plein air under the mountain «Belukha»
Plein air under the mountain «Belukha»


Day 1-2

Transfer to Tungur village. The exact time of transfer from Novosibirsk will be announced later

Day 3

Transfer to camping “three birches” on GAZ-66. Transition: “three birches – “tekelyu”. (5-6 hours.)

Day 4

Transition: Parking “tekelyu” – Akkem lake. (3 to 4 hours.)

Day 5

Day of rest on lake Akkem / plein air

Day 6

Radial exit to the glacier “Akkemsky” / plein air near the chapel of the Archangel Michael

Day 7

Radial hike in the gorge “Jarlu” – plein air in the “Blue mountains”, Edelweiss valley and ” Stone city”

Day 8

Radial exit to the pass “Karatyurek” 1A, 3100 m. / plein air-sketches on the pass

Day 9

Radial exit to the lake of spirits, plein air

Day 10

Radial exit – “Seven lakes”. They are different colors, so they will be an inspiration for drawing!

Day 11

Day of rest before the return journey

Day 12

Spare day in case of bad weather

Day 13

Transition: Akkem lake – «three birches»

Day 14

Moving to GAZ-66: “three birches” – village Tungur

Day 15

departure from Tungur

Day 16

Arrival in Novosibirsk

What is included in cost:

  • Novosibirsk-Tungur-Novosibirsk transfer
  • Nutritious 3-time meals (lunch is replaced by a snack with warm tea on radial exits days)
  • tent, group equipment, first-aid kit
  • guide services
  • insertion of gas and products (by horse) from Tungur to Akkem lake
  • all approval documents for visiting the foreign citizens area
  • bath-house (on the last day of a route)

What is not included in the cost:

  • transfer – flights
  • one-place tent, sleeping bag, backpack, rug (rental by request)
  • eating in cafes /canteens/restaurants
  • accommodation in hostels/hotels/hotel houses on Vysotnik and Akkem tourist hostels (400-1300 rubles per one night) before, during or after the route. This can be booked and on the spot if any place is available!
  • accident insurance before and during the active route part (may be ordered from us)
  • visa (a support is provided by a request)
  • interpreter (provided by a request)
  • photographer (photo shoot, master class in photo/video)
  • an extra bath-house on the route (40-70 Euro)
  • individual use of satellite phone (200 rubles per minute)
  • participants plein air: payment plein air teacher + 8000 rubles. The price of the plein air includes art materials-acrylic paints, brushes, plywood canvas, pastel and Russian pastel paper. If you paint with oil, tempera, charcoal…- materials you prepare / buy yourself!

ATTENTION!!! Essential details:

  1. During the route the instructor reserves the right to make changes to the route
  2. In case of delay for more than 3 hours the participant shall independently gets to the group by himself (we will bend every effort but, unfortunately, at the participant’s expense).
  3. The base in Tyungur is equipped with the cellular communication. A bathhouse, cafe, satellite communication are available on Lake Akkem
  4. An average physical condition is enough for this route (a backpack up to 15kg).
  5. You must be ready to a changeable weather — daytime temperature is 0+25C, nighttime temperature is 10-12C
  6. This area is a borderline territory. Documents (passport scan) of foreign citizens must be provided no not less than two months before the start of the route (passport copy, phone number, address of work place, position, business phone number)
  7. A place it this trip can be reserved by us only with an advance payment of 30%. In case of a trip cancellation more than a month before the route start, an advance payment is repayable in full. In case of cancellation less than a month before the route start, the advance payment is not repayable.
  8. The cost is relevant when recruiting into a group of 5 participants, the cost increases by 10% with a group of 4 people
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