Shavlinskoe lake + gorge Maashey


Первое большое восхождение - Белуха!
  • Cost

    57500 ₽ (26.09. – 10.10.2020)

    34500 ₽ (26.09. – 05.10.2020)



    9 days of trekking+5 days climbing to the top of “Ortolik” (if desired)+2 days (transfer)


    Three or four-place tents

    accommodation in a heated guest house in 1, 9, 10, 14 days


    gorge Shavlinskoe + gorge Maashey, Republic of Gorny Altai


    26.09. – 10.10.2020

Tour shavlinskoe the lake is a unique opportunity to see the faces of the Altai in the fall! This trip consists of two blocks: a hike to the lake Shawlinski + Maashey gorge, the second-climbing the mountain “top Ortolyk”, (3446,3 m.). Pro shavlinskoe lake such heard, but autumn they are rare! Late autumn, clean air, lack of crowds-all this will allow you to plunge into the world of pedestrian Altai as no one has ever plunged!

Mountain “top of Ortolyk” for the Kurai ridge is a unique place. Its “island”, “middle” position determined its uniqueness: from the highest mountain of this massif – “top of Ortholyk” offers stunning views of aktra, Kurkurek, Maashey Karagem, glacier top “Dome” and the famous hanging glacier small “Aktru”


26.09. Day 1. Departure fr om Novosibirsk. Arrival at the base.

27.09. Day 2. We move to the upper bridge Ora. Rise under the pass Oroy on the trail among the mountain taiga.

28.09. Day 3. Crossing the Oroi pass on the trail and descent into the valley of the Shavla river. 29.09. Day 4. Transition to the Lower shavlinskoye lake. The lake is just gorgeous!!! Its waters reflect the rocky-Ice Crown of the peaks “beauty”, “fairy tale”and ” dream”. At this time, the lake is very sparsely populated — and this will allow you to enjoy its beauty in peace and quiet.

30.09. Day 5. Radial access to the Upper Shavlinskoe the lake. We leave our things at the camp and go on a one-day hike with a light snack. Along the trail we will go to the Top Shavlinskoe gorgeous lake, surrounded by majestic cliffs and ancient cedars.

1.10. Day 6. Lower shavlinskoye lake under the Oroy pass. We’re going back along the way

2.10. Day 7. Pass Oroy-the Chuya River plateau Esti-Kel – river Maashey

3.10. Day 8. The maashey valley awaits us today. Lake maashey was washed away by water and now there is a sandy surface. The trail leads through a cozy gorge along the maashey river and to the once huge lake. Amazing scenery out there now! Dry trees protrude from the sand that was once the bottom of the lake, and from the lake itself, once huge, there is only a small pond. From the shore there is a majestic panorama of the mountains, which is dominated by maashey peak — the highest peak of the entire North-Chui ridge and Karagem peak.

4.10. Day 9. maashey river-Chui tract-base. We descend the abandoned road to the suspension bridge over the htre Chuya, then cross the Chuya plateau-a narrow terrace along The Chuya river and exit to the Chuya tract. That’s wh ere we’ll get to the base.””

5.10. Day 10. Today we are going to relax and take a walk to the lake “hot Spring”.

6.10. Day 11. We move to the mountain “top Ortolyk” on a jeep. Unloaded from the car and go to the top

7.10. Day 12. Rise under the top of the mountain Ortolyk. The ascent takes place over large stones to the platforms in the ridge. They offer a magnificent view of the peaks of the North Chui ridge. This view will amaze you! The whole chain of the North-Chui mountains with snow-ice peaks “Kurkurek”, “Aktru”, “Korumdu”, “dome”, “Kyzyl-Tash”, “Karatash” and a great many others lies in your palm

8.10. Day 13. Ascent. Early exit. The path goes first on a rocky ridge, then goes on a simple rocky ridge with patches of snow on the top. Descent on the way up. Passage of the crest in ligaments

9.10. Day 14. Descent into the valley and crossing the Chui steppe to the highway. Moving to base.

10.10. Day 15. Departure to Novosibirsk

What is included in cost:

  • transfer Novosibirsk-Chibit-Novosibirsk, all transfers on the route
  • accommodation in a heated guest house in 1, 9, 10, 14 days
  • full 3 meals a day (lunch-snack with hot tea)
  • public first aid kit, public equipment
  • guide service
  • satellite phone rental
  • bathhouse
  • migration registration for foreign citizens

What is not included in the cost:

  • transfer-flights
  • personal tent, sleeping bag, backpack, Mat (rental — on request)
  • personal special equipment (cats, safety system, 2-3 carbines, helmet – on request)
  • visiting cafes / canteens / restaurants
  • accommodation in hostels / hotels before and after the route
  • insurance against accidents before and during the active part of the route (you can order from us)
  • visa (a support is provided by a request)
  • interpreter (provided by a request)
  • photographer (photo shoot, master class in photo/video)
  • an extra bath-house on the route
  • individual use of satellite phone (200 rubles-1 min.)

ATTENTION!!! Essential details:


  • satisfactory-good physical shape
  • down jacket on -15 and sleeping bag with comfort temperature-15-17 gr.
Stop dreaming, let’s go on a hike!